Human Figure. Level 1

The human figure manifests its actual and potential movements. It is its balance that convinces us first and its direction that leads our attention. How to observe the life model in order to discover those key aspects? This workshop of Human Figure Level 1 helps in developing the skills to work on the structure, proportions, and movements of the human figure.

The aim of the course

My goal with this course is to wake up in you some crucial skills for drawing a Human Figure. For example:
- to capture the situation of the entire body in 5 seconds.
- to get a fresh drawing that can represent the movement or balance of the body.
- to get the right proportions of the body.

The progress of the course

The course will follow this sequence:
- Basics of Human Body proportions and anatomy.
- Quick sketches from 10 minutes to 1 minute.
- Poses of 15 - 20 minutes.
- 1 pose during the entire class so: 45 and 45 minutes.


- 1 sketchbook A2.
- soft graphite pencils, like B6-9 / and or / soft charcoal pencils
- A middle tone of natural charcoal (not too thin, not too thick).
- Flexible rubber (I recommend Faber Castell).
- Fixative in a spray.
- Board to hold your paper (it can be whatever).
- Masking tape (to fix the paper on the board).
- Cotton.
- Something to protect the table (newspaper, plastic tablecloth, etc.)

(*I will bring the easels for tables)


As you know, this course counts on a life model. Maybe you know the required formalities of it, but it is my responsibility to inform them all before starting:

The door stays closed while the model is posing: Due to issues such as temperature and respect (possible curious people outside), it is important to keep the door closed. This means that the hours of the class should be more respected than in any other course. For instance, if the class starts at 19h, we can define the first 15 minutes to arrive and set up our place, and at 19h15 or 19h20 start to work properly. We can define that moment as we prefer, but after defining it, it should be respected. Then, 45 minutes later, we can make a break to let the model rest a bit and recover (some positions are difficult to maintain) so we can open the door again for going to the toilet, buying drinks, etc.

No picture is allowed: For respect, no picture is allowed. Even for me. I can take pictures of you while drawing, but never to the person that is posing. Whatever the case, the model has to approve the picture.

Requirements:          Notions of Linear Perspective and Shading.
Recommended for:   Those who want to discover the anatomy of the human body:
                                  artists, designers, architects, physicians, etc.
Skills:                        We develop analytical, sensual and emotional skills.
Materials:                  For all the units: Notebook A2. Check the specific materials.
Duration:                  8 classes, 2 hours each class.

Note:                        The course will run only with a minimum of 5 participants (8 max.)

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