Linear Perspective. Level 1

Perspective is the basic tool for most of the expressions in visual arts. It is fundamental for drawing, painting, and sculpting. It is useful for (i) making shapes in the 3D space, (ii) for understanding the relations between the objects of your composition (positions, directions, proportions, possible movements, etc.) and (iii) for tracing the rhythm of the composition as a whole. It is basic not because it is easy, but because it is everywhere, i.e., at each level of our regard.

First Unit: One vanishing point


Application of one vanishing point in perceived spaces

Second Unit: Two vanishing points


Application in perceived objects


Third Unit: Objects' functions and movements

Requirements:          There are no requirements.
Recommended for:   Those who want to play with lines without fear.
Skills:                        We develop analytical skills.
Materials:                  Notebook A3, graphite pencils 2B, 6B and 8B, rubber.
Duration:                   9 or 10 classes, 2 hours each class.


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