Sacred Geometry 

This workshop is focused on playing with the relations between 2D and 3D geometry in a meditative way. We play with Mandalas, Plato's solids, and some fractals, depending on the way the group progresses. The idea is to draw developing your intuition, this very special projective imagination that constantly unveils the next step, but intuitively and not by a rational analysis. This way, it is a course in which we do not draw by thinking but by following the intimacy we develop with our creation. It is recommended for experienced and non-experienced people. Definitively, you will develop your projective imagination so you will be able to see first what you will draw. To put differently, in this workshop we draw only by imagining first, with the help of some previous lines that can guide us.



Requirements:          There are no requirements.
Recommended for:   Those who want to play without thinking and relax.
Skills:                        We develop fine motor skills as well as intuitive skills.
Materials:                  Notebook A3, graphite pencils 2B, 6B and 8B, rubber.
Duration:                   9 or 10 classes, 2 hours each class.

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