Shading is one of the first poetic dimensions in visual arts. It is not merely related to the way we shade by smudging the paper, but rather to the mystery of the light. By shading, we learn the way to identify the tone-values of the object, its texture, and temperature. We also learn how to interpret the way in which it mysteriously appears in the scenario's atmosphere. It is also related to our emotions and the story we want to tell about them. This way, the workshop on shading is meant to provide the necessary skills to create different kinds of compositions (by learning how to sketch) and to identify the value that the objects have pertaining to the way they react to the light: by absorbing it, reflecting it and by letting it passes through them (transparency). If your plan is to paint one day, the workshop on shading will be fundamental.

First Unit: The structure of the volume and the structure of the values

Second Unit: Absorption


Third Unit: Reflection and Transparency


Fourth Unit: The subtlety of the cloth

Requirements:          Notions on Linear Perspective 1.
Recommended for:   Those who want to play shading without fear.
Skills:                        We develop sensual and emotional skills.
Materials:                  Notebook A3, graphite pencils 2B, 6B and 8B, rubber.
Duration:                   9 or 10 classes, 2 hours and a half each class.

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