Human Figure. Level 1

The human figure manifests its beauty through its actual and potential movements. It is its balance that convinces us first and its direction that leads our attention. How to observe the live model in order to discover those key aspects? This workshop of Human Figure Level 1 helps in developing the skills to work on the structure, proportions, and movements of the human figure, by sketching short and long poses. We will start working on the body contour by using ink and then we will continue with charcoal to get deeper into the skin and flesh. We will finish with white and dark pastels on middle gray paper.

First Unit: Body contour

Requirements:          Notions of Linear Perspective and Shading.
Recommended for:   Those who want to discover the anatomy of the human body:
                                  artists, designers, architects, physicians, etc.
Skills:                        We develop analytical, sensual and emotional skills.
Materials:                  For all the units: Notebook A2 (water resistant).
                                 Pencils for the first class (Introductory class)
                                 First Unit: Black Ink, white candle, round brush, glass, paper to clean.
                                 Second Unit: Charcoal, white pastel, and flexible rubber.
Duration:                  8 classes, 2 hours each class.

Note:                        The course will run only with a minimum of 5 participants (8 max.)

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